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Vinnitsa city,
light show


Vinnitsa - cozy, soulful, noisy and at the same time colorful and rich in the city's attractions, is located on the picturesque banks of the Southern Bug River. The steep right and relatively shallow and low left banks of the river give the landscape city of graceful attractiveness.

The architecture of Vinnytsia is unique in that it has been imprinted by different peoples at one time ruled the city. Old courtyards, side streets, parks, fountains, temples - all this helps to plunge into the atmosphere of the historic city. It is not surprising that these lands were inhabited in ancient times, because here nature itself contributed to the development of settlements. Dense forests, deep rivers and mild, favorable climate even in the era of the Paleolithic, various ancient Russian tribes were attracted here

Today, modern Vinnitsa also attracts tourists with its unrivaled atmosphere, green parks, fascinating architecture and of course its pride - the fountain "ROSHEN" which has no analogues in the whole of Europe.



Duration: one day, possibly 2 days / 1 night, without time for the time in way to the place of collection in Vinnitsa.

  • Departure from Kiev
  • - 11:30 Excursion "Hitler's Bet" (with Strizhavka)::
    In the small village of Strizhavka, near Vinnitsa, near the tourist complex "Swallow" scattered in the woods huge blocks of reinforced concrete. This place is called Adolf's bet Hitler's "Werwolf" - the main apartment of the Fuhrer - specially equipped points, from which Adolf Hitler and his headquarters were in charge of military operations. The rate was built approximately 8 km north of Vinnitsa, on a forest stretch about 2.5 km and a width of about 300 m. Despite the fact that now the former rate of Hitler "Werwolf" is almost destroyed - the complex is one of the most mysterious structures in the central region Ukraine. Expeditions are still organized here.
  • - 12:30 Departure from Strizhavka to Vinnitsa;
  • - 13:00 Lunch - cafe of the city at your discretion;
  • - 14:00 Walking sightseeing tour:
    During the walking tour you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Vinnitsa and her history, enjoy the architecture and atmosphere of the city.
  • - 15:30 Museum-Estate of Pirogov:
    Pirogov Museum-Estate is considered to be one of the most important objects of Ukraine's cultural heritage. Here you will get acquainted with the activities of a world-famous physician. On the territory of the museum located: the house where the surgeon Nikolai Ivanovich Pirogov lived, a pharmacy museum with interiors reception and operating room, the church-necropolis, where it rests embalmed body of the scientist Pirogov and of course the memorial park, in which preserved trees planted by Nikolai Ivanovich.
  • - From 17:00 free time in the city:
    There is an opportunity to visit the museum of retro-technology "Avtomotovelopotoradio". At the core exposition of the museum - private collection of vintage cars and other equipment vinnytsky collector Alexei Strembitsky. In the museum there are more than 100 exhibits collected over 35 years (cars, motorcycles, bicycles, phonographs, TV sets, cameras, radios, to which you can touch and to be photographed).
  • - 21:00 Light-music show - fountain "ROSHEN":
    light-musical fountain ROSHEN has already become a popular object of Vinnitsa, which show a large number of tourists. This is the largest floating in Europe fountain, located on the river Southern Bug. Vertical jet height is 60 meters, frontal dispersion - 140 meters. According to experts, the fountain is in the top ten the best and spectacular fountains of the World.


The tour price includes:

  • transport services,
  • entrance tickets to museums,
  • tourist guide services,
  • maintenance throughout the program,
  • insurance.


The tour price does not include:

  • personal expenses,
  • souvenirs,
  • food,
  • additional excursions, upon request.