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Odessa city



In the summer in the south of Ukraine there are people from the Dnieper to Uzhgorod, from Kharkov to Kherson, Belarus, China, Turkey and Poland. The sea and the sun attract lovers of leisure in Odessa with family and in companies. Only in this city you can eat pies with rapans or draniki according to the original recipe. Walking will turn into a real show. Street Musicians show their talent in the central streets, traders cry out funny advertising in local markets. In this city a special atmosphere, here united different cultures, and the number of foreigners never decreases.

Odessa is a young but fast-growing city. Its strength is in the vicinity of the sea, the ports, and also rich history. At one time in its streets lived famous writers, politicians. About this and many other things you can find out during the tour to Odessa for 1 day. excursion program is designed in such a way that in a short time to visit the attractions on the main streets, listen to a small lecture about history.

A long journey will affect all the important places in the southern heart of the country. For excursionists prepared a transfer, ordered rooms in a cozy hotel. They walk pass through the central streets, learn about the churches and churches of various faiths. Tour in Odessa from Kiev suggests an overview of the catacombs and departure from the city. Unique system underground passages with a special atmosphere takes place for the most part of Odessa and goes beyond the its limits.

The sea, disco bars, pubs and more than 30 types of massage parlors, CPA-procedures, and most the main thing is the highest service of tourists in all directions.



Duration: 2 days / 1 night, possibly 3 days / 2 nights, excluding time for the time in way to the place of collection In Odessa.


ake a walk along the ancient streets of the city: Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lanzheronovskaya, Rishelyevskaya.

Walk along the cozy Primorsky Boulevard and Alexander Park. Your gaze a view of the sea station and the Potemkin stairs will open.

The second excursion to choose - «Criminal Odessa» or "Secrets of the Odessa catacombs":

  • «Criminal Odessa»:
    Mishka Yaponchik (Mikhail Vinnytsky), he is Benya Krik, Sonka "Gold Pen", Moldovanka and Peresyp, Odessa Privoz. Narratives and explanations about sensational scams and robberies, savvy and charm of Odessa Crimes! "All contraband is done in Odessa on the Little Arnautskaya", said Ostap Bender. And he, yes, he was right!
  • Secrets of the Odessa catacombs: Odessa catacombs are surrounded by secrets and legends. More than 200-year-old existence of little-known galleries, labyrinths and still causes a lot of various rumors ... Entangled passages served as a refuge Numerous criminal elements. Unexplained caves hide mysterious closed societies and now. In fact, the city has many fashionable hotels, restaurants with many kitchens peoples of the World!


The tour price includes:

  • meeting with the representative of the company,
  • excursion service according to the program,
  • all entrance tickets under the program,
  • insurance.


The tour price does not include:

  • railway transportation to and from Odessa,
  • breakfast, lunch,
  • additional excursions, upon request,
  • personal expenses for public transport, souvenirs.