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Kharkov city


Kharkov is a young city, during the tour of Kharkov you will understand that it is unique. He, like a sponge, quickly absorbs the culture and customs of different nations and religions, with this being unrepeatable. How many beautiful legends go about the origin Kharkov, beginning with the legend of the daughter of Atilla Kharkiv and ending with the mythical Cossack Kharkov, a monument to which is installed at the beginning of Lenin Avenue.

Kharkov is a city with the ambitions of the capital, with an exciting history and a special people, a place where there is something to see. During the tour of Kharkov you will see it not only as an industrial and creative city, but also a place with special traditions, which developed over the centuries.

In Kharkov, a lot of attractions. For one day it's hard to see and feel the beauty of this city and its heart.




Duration: 2 days / 1 night, maybe 3 days / 2 nights, 4 days / 3 nights, excluding time on the way to Kharkov.


Day 1

Обзорная экскурсия по городу "Первая столица":

  • City tour "First Capital": University hill - a fortress hill,
  • Eternal fire,
  • the Assumption and Annunciation cathedrals,
  • one of the most beautiful monuments in the world TG Shevchenko,
  • the symbol of the city - Mirror stream,
  • the largest area in Europe - the area Freedom,
  • the national university and the building of the Gosprom,
  • Shevchenko's garden.

Dinner.Check-in at the hotel (according to the estimated time of the hotel).
Optional offer a choice of walking or bus excursion to Kharkov of any subject:

  • "Monuments of Kharkov",
  • "7 Wonders of Kharkov",
  • "Architectural Image of Kharkov",
  • "Temples of Kharkov",
  • "Gardens and squares of Kharkov",
  • in Kharkov Opera theater,
  • the stadium "Metalist",
  • a series of excursions about the famous Kharkovites and etc.

In his free time we offer a visit to museums, entertainment to choose from. Among the museums we recommend that you pay attention to the Historical Museum, the Nature Museum, Art Museum, UFO Museum, Maritime Museum, the only museum in Ukraine Sexual cultures of the world, the only museum of photoillusion in Ukraine.
Children from 4 to 16 years old are waiting for "Francilvia" - the first country of professions in Kharkov and hobbies for children: border control, exchange of professions, government, tax, police, lego-studio and scientific laboratory, driving school and university, master-class studio, house fashion, publishing and radio station, beauty salons and supermarkets, confectionery a factory and a motor show, an ice cream house and a cinema ...

If there is time and desire, we invite you to the biggest indoor aquapark in Ukraine - & Quot; Jungle Water Park. "Jungle" is a multifunctional entertainment complex with mass of water attractions and a variety of swimming pools, services, cafes and bars, parking and hotel. The total area of ​​the 3-storey water park - 11000 square meters, the area of ​​water entertainment - 4000 sq.m. Tickets to the water park can be purchase online here.

In the evening we offer an optional excursion "Kharkov lights the lights": In the light nightly lights majestically and solemnly carry on the unhurried record of our favorite city of his guards and symbols: streets, squares, public gardens, parks, fountains, theaters, mansions, museums, sculptures, monuments. A beautiful city with a beautiful history. Free time. At your disposal are the Kharkov theaters, nightclubs, restaurants .
Have a nice evening!


Day 2

Breakfast in the hotel. Depending on tastes and needs, we offer a choice of one of the following cognitive-entertaining excursion programs:

  • excursion "Chocolate Kharkiv" with a visit to the confectionery factory "Sweet World" or "Prestige".
  • excursion around the shops of the confectionery factory, the process of producing different sweets and chocolate, secrets and technologies, chocolate master classes, "sweet gifts".
  • excursion to the "Kharkov Disneyland". Gorky Park - the former Nikolayevsky - the oldest park in Kharkov. His story begins in the distant 1893, and the square is more than 130 hectares. Now here is one of the largest parks amusement rides in Europe. The entertainment complex includes: the largest in Ukraine Ferris wheel, roller coaster, unique attractions "Tower Fall "," Catapult "," Salto ", House of Horrors, Retro Park, rope park, the oldest in Ukraine cable car and other attractions for adults and children of all ages.
  • Excursion to the SEC "French Boulevard". Excursion by the galleries of the entertainment center and shopping, visiting the Valentinov Bridge. We necessarily make wishes from the Heart with cherubs, we rise to the closed panoramic balconies of "French Boulevard", make a beautiful photo on the background of the "Eiffel Tower." After the tour you will be able to to watch movies in the format IMAX or 4DX; To go rollerblading or skating in "Chateau Ledo"; Conquer the tops of the highest in Ukraine climbing wall; take time shopping.
  • Excursion "Kharkov - Aviation City" with a visit to the International Airport "Kharkiv". Dispatching airport, hangars with aircraft.


Fans of entertainment are invited to the cable car, to the water park "Jungle", the Kharkov zoo, the circus, the planetarium, to Igroland.

For adults, we offer an optional bus excursion to Rogan for the Rogansky Brewery. The excursion program includes: information about the company and its brands, the history of production of alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, visits to all production workshops of the plant, acquaintance with the main stages of beer production, beer tasting, souvenir production.

Those who are interested in shopping - the road to the market "Barabashovo".

In the evening - departure of the group.


The tour price includes:

  • transport service under the program,
  • excursion service for 2 days,
  • accommodation in the hotel of the chosen category, meals according to the program, insurance.


Any variants and combinations of programs, excursions are possible.