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Preserve of Askania Nova


The reserve "Askania-Nova" is located in the Kherson region. Here is an amazing nature. This is almost the only in Europe pristine corner of the steppe, which has never been cultivated by man.

The biosphere reserve "Askania-Nova" was founded by German landowner Friedrich Falz-Fein in the late 19th century. The German landowner allocated a piece of pasture land and created a reserved area where unique animals and birds lived. Rumors about this grandiose zoo have gone all over Europe.

Today the territory of the reserve "Askania-Nova" is much larger, its area is 33.3 thousand hectares. The reserve includes a zoo, a steppe, a dendrological park. Those who love wild nature, like the magnificent steppe, where you can feel a rich variety of plant smells. At any time of the year the steppe impresses with unique colors, which are constantly changing. In the spring, the silver waves of the feather-grass gently gleam in the sun, dark flesh gives the fescue, the red tulips glow brightly, attracting seductive hyacinths in blue and purple tones, the chamomiles gently white. When Austrian flax blossoms, the earth is covered with a light haze. From the wild steppe is a peculiar oasis - a dendrological park, which includes a botanical park, a forest-steppe zone with oak forests and a new park. You can take advantage of the services of guides and take a walk in the tourist paths, shady alleys under the crowns of century-old trees. You will see glades with northern spruce, as well as a beautiful pond with an island where charming swans live.




Duration: 2 days / 1 night, possibly 3 days / 2 nights, 4 days / 3 nights, excluding travel time to the reserve itself.


Accommodation: comfortable hotel rooms.

Meals: restaurant, cafe.

What to see in the reserve

Life in the steppe does not cease either day or night. Impresses a huge number of different birds and animals! Throughout the steppe, there is such a diverse and inimitable singing of birds. Here you will see ostriches, elegant cranes, bright parrots, black geese, proud eagles, venerable pheasants, graceful pink flamingos, slender peacocks.

On the territory of the reserve you can find rare animals brought from Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Here live zebras, Indian and African wildebeests, gayals, squid Wattsi, humpbacked zebras, deer, South American camels, antelopes, buffaloes, ponies, llamas, as well as saigas - the most ancient ungulates, the same age as mammoths.

In the steppe, the last representatives of Przheval'skii's wild horses live, which people have not been able to tame: they keep in a pack, and when they feel danger, they break down. But in this free, fertile land, animals are not in danger. The key to this is the love of caring workers of the Askania-Nova reserve. Tourist routes Tourist routes are organized on the territory of the reserve, so you can choose any interesting for you: you will be taken to a herd of wild animals by a minibus or a horse-drawn carriage, a special path can be reached to the protected steppe.

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The tour price includes:

  • transport service under the program,
  • excursion service,
  • tour guide services,
  • entry tickets.


The tour price does not include:

  • accommodation, depending on the category, conditions and location,
  • food.