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Arabat arrow

Treatment at the source and rest on the Arabatskaya arrow on the shore of the Azov Sea in any season.


Arabatskaya arrow - unique in its kind of place, which is located in the south of Ukraine. It is a peninsula, a scythe where you can relax near the sea, Saline estuaries, enjoy beautiful views and stay in hot springs, dip in salt baths, breathe fresh sea air, and breathe a couple of salt.

The range of therapeutic possibilities of thermal water is very wide. It has been established that bathing has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, spasmolytic effect, accelerates the processes of wound healing, normalizes the state of the peripheral and autonomic nervous system. The presence of bromine in water gives a good result in the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, asthenic and neurosis-like conditions. Good results are observed in patients with psoriasis.



Duration: 3 days / 4 nights, maybe 4/5, etc., without taking into account the travel time to the Arabat Spit or the city of Gennichesk by car, bus or by rail. The distance from the city of the Dnieper is 350 km, Kharkov - 550 km., Kiev - 750 km.

Accommodation - in hotels, cottages or boarding houses of any class.


Medical indications for treatment:

  • 1. Diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • 2. Diseases of the nervous system
  • 3. Diseases of the musculoskeletal system
  • 4. Diseases of female organs
  • 5. Metabolic diseases and endocrine diseases
  • 6. Diseases of the urinary system
  • 7. Diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue
  • 8. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to improve neuro-autonomic regulation



  • – acute inflammatory processes;
  • – ischemic heart disease (stable form with frequent attacks);
  • – resting stenocardia, complicated disorders of the heart rhythm, chronic cardiac aneurysm;
  • – stage 3 hypertension;
  • – atherosclerotic occlusions;
  • – nonspecific aortoarteritis;
  • – recurrent thrombophlebitis;
  • – chronic renal failure;
  • – malignant formations, benign formations with a tendency to growth;


Than you can still have fun?

  • - Visit to the "Safari Park", where there are many wild animals, but the main highlight is the lions.
  • - departure to Gennichesk,
  • - exit reserve "Askania Nova",
  • - water skiing,
  • - parachutes,
  • - fishing,
  • - and many other types of recreation.



The cost of the tour includes:

  • accompaniment throughout the program;
  • insurance.


The tour price does not include:

  • transport services,
  • personal expenses;
  • souvenirs;
  • additional rest;
  • food.