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The company "Welcome to Ukraine" is glad to see you in the section "Services and Opportunities". We will find and show you all the most interesting and memorable in the territory of central Ukraine.

We will help you make a choice about the city of residence and the most comfortable rest in it. At your choice will be chosen a program of excursions, walks around the city, travel outside the city, recreation in nature and even visiting other regions. We are ready to fulfill any of your requirements and wishes. We know everything about rest and leisure in the territory of our region.
If you took plane tickets to Ukraine and do not know what to do next, then dial us and we will organize excellent rest in any place of Ukraine, we will help you and come to help in any your difficult situation, work 00-24.



Staying in an unfamiliar country is always accompanied by excitement and anxiety. The language barrier, ignorance of the city and the peculiarities of the life of a foreign country, the fear of getting lost, being deceived ... This is easily avoided if you use the transfer service from "Welcome to Ukraine".

List of the services:
  • meeting at the airport, railway or bus station;
  • transfer of foreigners to the hotel;
  • choice of transport class (normal, medium, high);
  • assistance with accommodation in the hotel you have chosen, and, if necessary, assistance in choosing a hotel;
  • organization of leisure (excursions, exhibitions, theaters, the provision of guides).

"Welcome to Ukraine" is a universal agency for working with foreign guests, whose professionals (translators, real estate agents, managers) with will make your stay in Ukraine comfortable and pleasant, whether it be a tourist trip, a business trip or medical tourism.

Escort of foreigners in Ukraine

"Welcome to Ukraine" is an agency with 3-year experience of successful cooperation with foreigners. Our task is to make sure that during your stay in Ukraine you Forgot that we are in a strange unfamiliar country. We reaffirm our universality by being ready to provide you with all-round support, regardless of the purpose of visiting Ukraine.

Our specialists carry out such types of escort of foreigners in Ukraine:
  • legal (registration of documents, notarial services, assistance in legal matters);
  • cultural and entertaining (organization of leisure, excursions, visiting of sights, theaters, exhibitions, providing guides and interpreters);
  • language (all types of transfers);
  • transport and logistics (transfer services from the place of arrival to the hotel and all over Ukraine, taxi order, car rental, train, airplane, bus tickets);
  • service (selection of hotel or housing for rent, restaurants, clubs, beauty salons, conference halls - in other words, consultations on all matters relating to a comfortable stay in Ukraine);
  • medical (search for a doctor or private clinic if necessary, organization of medical tourism and recreation).

Your journey is our cares!

Business Services

The favorable geographical location of Ukraine, its proximity to the European Union, as well as the flexibility of legislation and the political system, make it attractive for foreign investment. Today, Ukraine is a country where you can make good money, and many understand this perfectly.

Our direction is to help foreigners, correctly invest in Ukraine:
  • opening of own branches;
  • creation of a new business from scratch;
  • acquisition of an operating enterprise;
  • investing in existing Ukrainian companies, including start-ups;
  • acquisition of movable and immovable property - real estate, rights to use natural resources, land, technologies, know-how.

Ukraine is also interesting to ordinary Europeans as a place of investment available savings for further profit. For example, in the purchase of commercial and Residential real estate for the purpose of further leasing or as an investment. Specialists of the company "Welcome to Ukraine" are ready to provide you with full legal and consulting support in matters of organizing both a business trip and directly implementing an investment project.

We provide the following services:
  • registration of business in Ukraine, including preparation of necessary documentation and legal registration;
  • search for objects for investment (real estate, business);
  • providing interpreters for meetings;
  • organization of stay in Ukraine, personal assistant services, concierge service, transfer and transport logistics for trips in Ukraine.
Organizing business meetings in partnership with foreign guests.

Arrangement of large-scale business events is an effective means for creating reputable image of a company. Participating in similar events of foreign guests obliges to a very thorough preparation and attention to small details. “Welcome to Ukraine” Company renders all round assistance in organization of qualitative and presentable business events: workshop, presentations, partner meetings, congresses, conferences, business-lunches. A large base of conference-halls of various capacity and category, recreation and retreat centers, and hotel complexes is available at our disposal.

Our services include:
  • rent of conference-halls, hotels, restaurants and other premises;
  • creation of design concept of the event and manufacturing of souvenir products, handouts and printed materials;
  • preparation of press-releases and other materials for highlighting events in mass media;
  • decoration of premises, phyto-design;
  • transport logistics according to the event schedule;
  • catering of the highest level (stand-up meals, coffee-breaks, banquets, gala dinners);
  • technical support for events (rent of projection equipment, providing of qualitative sound and illumination);
  • services of interpreters, as well as systems of simultaneous interpretation;
  • photo- and video filming of the event;
  • professional event management and administration.

Assistance of the “Welcome to Ukraine” Company in organizing events is a possibility to raise rating of your company in face of domestic and foreign partners.

Rental of real estate and vehicles

If you have ever been to Ukraine, you will want to watch the beauty of this unique country every day. In order to stay in the country for quite a long time it is necessary to acquire own housing in the territory of Ukraine.

In Ukraine, a huge number of tourists, people who want to explore this amazing country. A lot of firms offer to rent real estate in Ukraine, but when the customer paid all the bills, it turns out that the company disappeared along with his money. In order not to get caught on the hook of scammers, you need to thoroughly approach the choice of a company that will help you buy or rent a property in Ukraine will not leave you deceived.

The company "Welcome to Ukraine" has been cooperating with foreign guests of our country for a long time. In the arsenal of our company, there are many options for real estate, which you can buy or rent for a certain period.

There is a lot of seemingly little things in this matter, but if you miss out, at least one detail when preparing all the necessary documentation, you have every chance to remain without money and property. You must trust us, and we will help you in any matter. The staff of our company will offer you various options for real estate, from which you will only have to choose the one that best meets your requirements.

We will assist you in renting a car and other vehicles for travel around the city and territory of Ukraine.

The rest of the issues will be settled by our employees. We do not require any effort from you. We want to not only secure the process of buying property by you, but also make it As simple as possible!

Organizing leisure activities for foreign guests.

Trips abroad represent not only achievement of certain business-objectives or personal meetings. Foreign guests, as a rule, are willing to gain familiarity with culture, traditions and sightseeing of the country, to feel its peculiarities and unique energetics.

“Welcome to Ukraine” Company is ready to provide foreign guests with all conditions for comfortable and interesting stay in Ukraine We provide not only interpreters or guides, but also provide with permanent accompanying person, who is ready to answer any questions of a foreigner, as well as to help him to orient in the city.

Our services include:
  • organizing diverse trips around Ukraine and cities: a business meeting, shopping, theatre or museum;
  • booking tickets for events (concerts, football game, performances, exhibitions, cinemas);
  • individual and group excursions in Kyiv (the route may be prepared pursuant to wishes of a foreign guest);

Company “Welcome to Ukraine” employees are ready to become assistance for foreign guests and to provide them with the maximum possible comfortable stay in Ukraine.

Medical assistance to guests

Medicine in Ukraine is one of the most developed spheres, while the prices for medical services are several times or even ten times lower than European or American prices. Highly qualified doctors, modern equipment and reasonable prices - that's what awaits foreigners who want to improve their health in our country. However, as in any serious business, you can not do without a trusted person, who will become your reliable guide on the way to health and beauty.

The most popular areas of medical tourism in Ukraine.
  • dental tourism;
  • reproductive medicine;
  • health and SPA tourism;
  • wellness & SPA.
Organization of leisure

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There really is something to see and feel on yourself. We hope, you will appreciate the efforts of our partner!