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Nightlife in Odessa

Visiting DJs and live music are a must in the most popular of nightclubs and Ibiza is no exception. This white-washed, open-air venue is built on two levels and gets very busy, especially at weekends.

Assol is located at the end of the Arcadia strip, slightly north of Ibiza.

Musical club yo and bowling of 7 stars, is the uniform entertaining complex, located in the center Odessa and borrows one of in the lead places in entertaining industry in Ukraine club yo includes the dance floor, the stage, the sound.

Itaka is designed as Greek ruins, this massive Odessa nightclub has an enormous dance floor, spectacular stage, massive pillars overlooking Black Sea, seating for 300 people or more , three bars and hundreds of dancing patrons.

The Palladium is the most popular and the most visited night club in Odessa during the winter months. It's a restaurant in the daytime.

Western is American Themed! But don't expect to here country music or see any cowboys there or anything else that resembles America.